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Welcome to Trance World, the home of Trance & The DJ. This site is devoted to trance and DJ's.
As I am a DJ myself, I have extensive sections on DJing, techniques, beat matching and more. Also there is a section on trance, as well as a section on equipment, and sections on record labels, record shops, dj products and music reviews all to help out fellow dj's and trance lovers.

At the moment I am doing updates for the WHOLE site so if your wondering why there hasnt been anyupdates in a while, thats the reason. You are still free to look around the site as it is, but it will be much better when its done, trust me.
Also check out my top 10 every week, filled with all those latest tunes I am spinning & listening to.


1) DJ Scot Project - FM (Feeling Me) (Overdose)
2) One Eyed Jack - The Pulse (Uberdruck Remix) (Bulletproof)
3) Basement Jaxx - Good Luck (XL Recordings)
4) Fire 2 - Sunshine (Original Mix) (Unknown Label)
5) Uberdruck Presents Drugface - Fill Me (The Crow Remix) (Bulletproof)
6) Joe Truby - Gigi-De-Da (Unknown Label)
7) Koshen - Wasting My Time (Decoder & Substance Remix) (Moksha Recordings)
8) The Freak - Rising Angel (2Play)
9) Unknown vs Underworld - Rez (Breaks Bootleg) (Unknown Label)
10)Fire 3 - Mount Everest (Original Mix) (Unknown Label)

New Radio Station! Dance Music FM OnLine

Recently I have been thinking of setting up a new internet radio station. It will be a total dance music station covering all genres of dance music. At the moment its still in development & is still being pilotted with a couple of shows going already to see how successful it is. Theres been quite a buzz around the current shows and the idea of a total dance music show, so it could be up & running very soon.

Dance Music FM Online : www.dancemusicfm.i8.com

Trance World Designed by: www.mjds.co.uk
Trance World Designed by: www.mjds.co.uk