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Top Ten Music Reviews

On here you will find a review for the top 3 songs featured in the weeks top ten. I have tried to include as much detail as possible to help you all out. I though it would be good to include this because you might see a name of a song in my top ten and think I would like to know wot that sounds like. Hopefully in the future I might be able to inlcude samples of each song. We'll just have to wait and see.

Below the reveiws is last weeks top ten, so that you can compare.

1) Nalin Inc - Planet Violet 2003
(Tomcraft Club Mix)

Nalin Inc!! I couldn’t wait to hear this after the huge beach ball! With Tomcraft on the remix you can expect something special. The tune starts of with this little intro of about a couple of seconds then the beat & bassline comes in, and Oh My God! You can tell this is gonna be good. The kick drums are the usual Tomcraft ones with his super cool bass. The tune then progresses & a spooky sounding vocal comes in. The vocal is a little weird & twisted but after a few listens you soon like it. In the background there’s a women singing Planet, which adds a very nice feel to the song. Also in the background is this like, humming sound which adds to the build. Then the breakdowns drops & oooohhh yer baby!! Another vocal comes in & one of the best riff’s ever!! Its sooo good & very very addictive. This mix does have a little bouncy edge to it, yet maintaining its dark & dirty credibility. Overall this is definitely a tune which a lot of Dj’s will be playing over the summer. Go Buy it NOW!

2) Jan Johnston - Calling Your Name
(Neo & Farina Dub)

Remixers of the moment are called in to remix one of the biggest all time trancers. As far as remixing goes I wouldn’t want to even try remixing this tune, its just far to big. What makes this tune is the mind numbingly good vocal, except this is a dub & therefore doesn’t have a vocal. Which in away makes this even better. The tune starts of fairly pacey, like most Neo & Farina remixes. The bass the builds up & a nice little synth lets the bass in & starts the tune properly. In the background there are little nice like taps which work very well with the power synth that’s keeps jumping in. There’s a nice little melodie & pads just before the breakdown which help to build & make this tune sound very good. The power synth comes back in & then we have a very very graceful breakdown. In the breakdown you can really feel where the vocal is supposed to go. Then the really fucking good main riff kicks in. Oh yer. This is good. Has all the usual Neo & Farina trade marks written all over it. This then turns into a very energetic & emotional trancer. This is tune all trance Dj’s should have, it would be a crime not to have it.

3) Mr Sam vs. Fred Baker - Forever Waiting
Magic Muzik

Unknown producers to me, so I didn’t know quite what to expect. The tune starts really quite tribal, with some nice beats & a very nice bass. In the background there’s a nice pad & synth rising up to turn this tribal trancer into something quite spectacular. The synths used remind me a lot of the Thrillseekers, but just not as finesse as them. The tune drops into the breakdown with a faint vocal & then the piano lines & synths drop away and the tune takes a complete opposite turn. It goes off with some nice tech sounds & small acid riffs. The tune then fades back into the brilliant & Ibiza euphoric feel with the faint vocal & big pads & synths. This is definitely a big Ibiza & summer tune. Get It Now!