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If anybody would like a tape (CDs not available at present time) then please do not hesitate to ask. It will be hard trance only and will contain the following:

- Decent Mixing
- DJ Tricks
- Scratching
- Accapellas

Loads more stuff but if i put it up hear, it would sound stupid. Because things like backspins etc... everyone can do so i just put up only a few things.

The tapes are free so you cant loose anything from getting one.
If you live abroad I would prefer it if you didnt ask for a cd/tape because its alot of hassle on my part. Unless theres special reason please dont ask.

Also if people would like a set reviewed I would be more than happy to review them for people so feel free to send me one.

I know I am not a promotor, record label owner or manager or pro DJ or anything like that, but having a set of your own reviewed on a site that does get quite alot of hits, is better than going round telling everybody that you can mix without someone else backing you up or being able to hear you.
So I know you may not get alot of recognition from my little site but you will be more than if you didnt, also its free so it cant hurt & all sets will be reviewed properly with harsh decisions where needed.

All sets sent to me will be put up on this page for everyone to see with full contact details.