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Record Labels

Here is a nice list of some record labels worth checking out. I havent finished it yet, so as you can see there arent that many, but when i have finished it there will be loads.

Record Labels

Data - Good solid label from Ministry Of Sound, Mainly trance, but occasionally other forms of music. Artists include: Cosmic Gate, Lost Witness, Paffendorf, and Future Breeze.

Essential Recordings - I don't really know too much about this label. Artists include: Ariel.

Incentive - A very good label, has some of the best trance around. Definitely worth checking out. Artists include: Hi-Gate, Boyos, Junkfood Junkies, Matt Darey (MDM), and Starparty.

Manifesto - A nice label that has been around for some time, one of my favs. Artists include: The Space Brothers, Logo.

Neo - Very good label, but hasn't released many songs for some reason. Artists include: Darude, Nigel Gee, Neve, Frank Traxx

Nettwerk - I Don't really know too much about this label. Artists include: Delerium.

NuLife - A very good label that is getting better all the time, has lots of different sorts of trance to suite everyone. Artists include: The Warp Brothers, Jam & Spoon, and Ian Van Dahl, Big Fellas.

Overdose - A very good label for hard trance, probably the best because it has DJ Scot Project signed to it. Artists include: DJ Scot Project, Yazooka, and DJ Wag.

Positiva - Has lots of different types of trance and also some other types of music. The label is more on the commercial side but does occasionally has more underground stuff. Artists include: Ayla, DJ Sakin & Friends, Scumfrog, Moony.

Pulse - Sister label to Overdose. Hard Trance only. Apart from Overdose, this has to be one of the best labels around.

Serious - Very good label, mainly uplifting trance, more underground stuff. Artists include: Angelic, M Factor, Sonique.

Tracid Traxx - One of the best labels if you want hard trance, worth checking out. Artists include: Kai Tracid, Hennes & Cold, Reeloop.

:VC: Recordings - Good label, haven't heard much from them recently. Artists include: Jonah.

Xtravaganza - A good label for uplifting trance has some of the best around. Artists include: Agnelli & Nelson, Micro De Govia, and The Mystery.