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Music Genres

These are the different types of genre I spin, if you would like me to add a genre then please send me an email and I will.

Trance- Usually uplifting, energetic. Nearly always based around a 4/4 beat, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to mix. Typical Artists are DJ Tiesto, Ferry Corsten,
Typical DJ’s are DJ Tiesto, Judge Jules, Ferry Corsten, Dave Pearce, Paul Van Dyk.

Hard Trance- Basically the same as Trance but harder and less energetic. Can make you feel powerful, a good way to let out anger is to play hard trance LOUD.
Typical Artists are Cosmic Gate, DJ Scot Project, Flutlicht, Dumonde (JamX & De Leon), Mauro Picotto, Arome (DJ Scot Project)
Typical DJ’s are Eddie Haliwell, DJ Scot Project, Judge Jules (Sometimes), and Mauro Picotto.

Hard House- Similar to house & trance except hard & faster. Can be deep & dark, yet it can be bouncy & uplifting. Hard House songs can have hoovers & horns in them.
Typical Artists are BK, Nick Sentience, Lisa Lashes, Signum, Anne Savage, Andy Farley, and Lisa Pin-Up.
Typical DJ’s are Lisa Lashes, Signum, Nick Sentience, Paul Glazby, Paul Janes, and Lisa Pin-Up.

Progressive- Slower trance basically. Mostly tribal feel to them. Good for an early set.
Typical Artists are John Creamer & Stephane K, Allen & Healey, Praha, Minx, and X-Press 2
Typical DJ’s are John Creamer & Stephane K, Timo Mass, and X-Press 2

House- can be slower than progressive yet it can be the same speed as well. Most of the time is funky & soulful. Very good for early sets.
Typical Artists are Roger Sanchez, 68 Beats, Brother Brown.

I thought that most people would benifit from having the Music Genres explained, because if you dont know what sort of music trance is, you can look here to find out.