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About The Site/ Why Do Another DJ Site?

I made this nice little site to help those DJís in need. I know there are hundreds (literally) of sites like this one, some better some (most) worse, so I guess your thinking why do another one? Right?
Well I just feel with all my knowledge I can help a lot of DJís in need. I have seen a lot of DJ sites and they just donít cover enough. So what I thought I would do is do a website that covers EVERYTHING. I know I probably cant or wont cover everything, but I am gonna fucking try. Besides all that, I LIKE to help people. I am NOT one of those moody fuckers who hates everyone & everything & talks to no one. I am a happy smiley person never moody or sad, especially when on my decks.

Also I am doing this site to cure that boredom that I seem to have, only joking, I am never board. No, this site is just something that I have always wanted to do. Also I have seen adverts in magazines & on websites, that say something like, send £12 to xxx & we will send you a full DJ guide. WellÖ BOLLOCKS. I have never bought these offers & never will because they are a pile of shit. I think that people would rather read off of my site for free, that has more info & is Free (said that twice). What would you rather pay, £12 for shit, or £0 for quality? As I thought, £12. Only joking ZERO right?.

My final reason for this site is that, you know those courses, the proper DJ courses. They are very expensive & I know that not everyone has the money to do on. So you can look on my site for free. It may not be as detailed as a proper DJ course, but hay, at least its free.

So basically I did this site because I wanted to help all those aspiring DJís out there & because I like to help people, hope thatís answered any questions. Though I doubt it because why would people want to know why I did the site, thatís just fucking stupid, Doh!
Sorry just one last word. I have designed the site so that you can go through the site easily. What I mean is if you go through each section, you will notice they go in order. Starting from why become a DJ up to being a pro/ after DJing. Ok? Good.
Hope you like the site.


Above: The new Pioneer DJM3000. This is an updated version of th DJM600.

Any question or queries send them to: