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Online Record Shops
Record Shops

When I was looking around the Internet and trance websites, I went into the forums and the question most people asked was where can I buy decent vinyl online. So what I have done is made a list of some record shops that are worth buying from online.

Chemical Records:
This is a fantastic little record shop based in Cheltenham in England. It has a very good trance and tech/trance section that is worth checking out. It is very cheap and the post and packaging is cheap and quick, definitely worth checking out.

Hard To Find Records:
This little store isn't that bad except it cost quite a bit to order and buy records. The records are expensive compared to Chemical Records and other sites alike. Also the postage and packaging is second-class so it expensive and takes along time to come. The standard postage takes up to a week to come, where sites like Chemical Records have first class as there standard postage. Hard To Find does have a massive amount of records, last time I checked it was over 60,000.
Although the site isn't that great for ordering records, it does have a good equipment section that is worth checking out.
I would advise only buying records off here if you cant find it on one of the other sites I have mentioned, but if you want to buy a piece of equipment its definitely worth checking out.

Only DJ's:
A very good record shop that has a massive amount of records on it. Updated as soon as they arrive so you don't miss out. The records are cheap but post and packaging can be expensive depending on where you live because it is based in the Netherlands.
This is the shop I order off secondly if Chemical Records don't have what I want. Also the postage is very quick considering where its coming from, it takes three days for a record to arrive at my house in England, quick uh?

More sites will feature as I find more time to explore record shops online.