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DJ's Products/Music Products

I thought this would be a good thing to put on my site because then if you don't know if there are any things around for DJ's, you can find them on here.

I will start with magazines because it's the easiest thing to write about:

DJ Mag:
This is my favourite magazine you can buy because it have fantastic music reviews which help me to keep up to date with the latest tunes. The magazine has great pages on events that have happened, so if you want to know what, um, Homelands 2002 was like, look in DJ Mag and you will find a report on it. Also you will find interviews will al the latest stars and artists. There a very good equipment section where they review the latest DJ equipment, this ranges from software (on your pc) to hardware (material equipment).
If you are a thinking of getting decks then the best thing about this mag, is the fact that at the back of it, it has about 30 pages of adverts, so you cant go wrong finding your ideal set-up.

International DJ (IDJ)
This is basically the same as DJ Mag except its international. It has all the same features as DJ Mag, like interviews, music reviews etc... but it also has one extra thing, DJ Help! In this section of the magazine there's tips on beat matching, promotion, live performances etc... Worth buying if only for the DJ help bit.

This magazine is more for the clubbers out there. There aren't any DJ related topics except Music Reviews the rest of the magazine is for clubber. The magazine does have a good section called Flyer. This tells you about the clubs/nights out that are on in your area. A good magazine with some good interviews and other stuff. Worth buying.

A very good magazine for most types of music. Has the usual stuff like music reviews and interviews but it also has a section were you can send in your tapes for reviews to try and win the competition each month. A very good magazine with a cd each month. Worth buying

Useful Magazine Links

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