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The Music Structure

Music Structure

I covered this in the beat matching section but I will go over it again if you didn't quite get it the first time.
Most dance music is done in a beat structure, 4,8,16,32. If you listen to music in detail you will notice sounds happen at regular intervals, 8 16 or 32 beats. Rarely much will happen every 4 beats, but at most 8 beats something minor might happen, then at 16 beats something more noticeable may happen, then at 32 beats something really noticeable will happen. A bit like this:

4 8 16 32
- Tish! Tish! Tish!
As you can see from above things happen on set intervals.

Knowing beat structures will help you to mix because then you can get the songs you are mixing in time. You will be able to have great sounding mixes with both songs having no beat for a while then both coming back in at the same time.
If you want to learn how to mix using the structure read on if you don't go to the next section.
If you want to learn how to mix using the structure then you must get the song you want to mix in, at a certain point, e.g. at the 8th, 16th, 32nd beat, then let go of it at either the 8th, 16th or 32nd beat of the song already playing. So then when the two are playing they are in time, noises happen at the same time in both songs, not randomly. You will notice your mixes will sound better, smoother & cleaner. Also you can do a mix for longer because they sound better, not out of key and certainly not out of time because you have learn the basic music structure.

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